The best restaurant – “Cafeden”!

The air of 18th century Europe, candlelight and heat of live flame, superb wine and delicious food, all followed by saxophone music… Did you figure out how to imagine and revel in the atmosphere? It’s time to see for yourself that in reality, all this seems even better than in thought.

The gastronomic life of this capital is dynamic, actively changing and combining all modern tendencies, which is confirmed by the restaurants. Any cuisine of the world is offered in Zlatoglavna, as are products from all over the world, and cooks with titles which are known in wide and specialist circles. At the middle of the Mother See, it is possible to find an institution that can take you everywhere in the world, accurately reproducing a dish which can be tasted only where it was devised.

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Here, as well as on our capital’s outskirts, you could always find a cafe that will delight those, who have been born in the Soviet Union, using its normal classics. At the restaurants you can not just enjoy culinary delights, quench hunger, and observe the festivity. Many facilities have become the place for romantic and company meetings, joyous occasions and traditional Sunday family dinners.

And how else! After all, the kitchen wizards use demonstrated”magic” goods: veal, lamb, cheese, cheese and vegetables grown on their own farm.
Would you wish to consider the way your food is cooked on a live fire? Sit down at the table on the summer patio and watch as you enjoy a glass of wine! Relax, enjoy the music, and trust the cooks and courteous staff.

“Cafeden” isn’t indifferent to holidays, noise and fun. Any event or event is going to be held here beneath the key patronage of a comedy character.
However attractive the air of old times is, we still live in the XXI century.

However, as a genuine hero of funny humor,”Cafeden”, naturally,”here and there” in space and time: in the atmosphere of early times, but also these days, you have the chance to unforgettably celebrate a family party or a corporate occasion. The decoration of these feast halls, which the ideal restaurant is proud of, along with the charming light will be an excellent addition to the wine and nice dishes of cuisine at the menu.

Bright, colorful balls and decorations with floral compositions, impressive cakes, live music accompaniment, fresh fruits and chocolate fountains – you will surely have something to discuss with your guests .

You may have a banquet in any of those five banquet halls, which have our cozy restaurant, without spending a penny for their rent!
Veliky Beaumarchais probably didn’t have any clue what agreeable small things a modern”Cafeden” will give you:

– We give 5 to 15% discounts to our favorite and regular guests.

– we offer 5 luxurious banquet halls with V.I.P. room for relaxation with no rentals

– we do not bill a cortical fee and allow you to bring your favorite alcoholic drinks

– provide completely free Wi-Fi

Cafeden – a romantic trickster naughty, will instantly take you into the right location and time, create an atmosphere and mood. All you have to do is make a wish and say it out loud in our restaurant of Spanish cuisine.