About restaurant

Cafeden restaurant’s success is based on the combination of ancient and stylish elements, both in the interior and in the dishes offered.

Restaurant Cafeden’s interior is full of light and light; the menu is characterized by a combination of modern trends and traditional cuisine, and complemented by music – quiet enough not to interfere with conversations at the table.

Restaurant’s menu offers Latvian favorite tastes and local seasonal products. Thus, local cuisine here enters into a dialogue with culinary traditions of different countries!


Unlimited interest in travel, love for tasting dishes from the anthology of culinary masterpieces of Europe, an overwhelming desire to share gastronomic delights with millions of Ukrainians and guests of the capital have pushed Alena Fomicheva to the opening of the restaurant “Cafeden”. Now she successfully combines two hypostasis – manager and restaurant’s chef.

Summer terrace

Summer terrace “Cafeden” is an ideal place for a romantic dinner, friendly gatherings or fashion show. It is created in the style of an Italian patio – it attracts with coziness and beauty. Terrace interior – wicker tables, comfortable sofas, umbrellas, flowers. This is a paradise corner, where it is cool in summer and comfortably warm in a rainy evening. Light music and birds’ singing complete the “lounge” atmosphere, making you forget about time and enjoy the exquisite collection of author’s dishes by restaurant’s chef Alyona Fomicheva.