Why an Explainer Video Is Critical For Your Website

Why an Explainer Video Is Critical For Your Website

Video trends are these days increasing, and this has seen many companies creating various innovative approaches to help market the business using videos, better known as explainer video. Explainer videos have only existed for a few years during which companies that grabbed this idea have success stories t tell. There are many benefits of these videos when used on your business website. They are mostly used to advertise your products and services in an efficient way, better than using text.  Most customers are ready to devote 2 minutes to watch these videos rather than to read a full webpage.

Here are the reasons why you need to integrate explainer videos on your website today.

They are simple and affordable

Compared to television commercials which may cost up to a six-digit figure, explainer videos are low cost, and their effectiveness can be felt using the fingers. When placed on your website, they save the user’s time as they won’t have to read through all the content on your site to know about your products and services. These videos keep your visitors entertained throughout the time they are navigating your website.

They have a great impact

It’s true that most companies using these videos have realized an upsurge in sales, thanks to explainer videos. They help businesses to have a good position in the crowded market. Your visitors get a highly persuasive message as a result of the combination of the visuals, the animation, and sound; this, in turn, impacts them to make a purchase.

Best for businesses that are difficult to explain

There are some areas of companies that are quite difficult to explain or present. Here is where these videos come handy and help your business sell a product quickly. Businesses such as web developing or contextual advertising might be hard to explain to a clueless individual. However with the use of explainer videos, one can include the information that targets their client’s problems and tells them how they can be of help. You can explain to them about your company workflow, some cases accompanied with figures to help them understand. Aspects such as traffic growth can be easily demonstrated using the animated video. There is no information which cannot be visualized using animated explainer videos, thus making this tool a silver bullet for your startup.

If you had not thought of having these videos on your website yet, now you have the information at hand. Have them there, and you will realize real profits.