Why Businesses Need Animated Explainer Videos

Why Businesses Need Animated Explainer Videos

For any business person conducting their business online, having the edge over their competitors is what’s paramount. You want to see that your brand is unique and that you are attracting more customers than your competitors. While various marketing strategies help your site to rank well on different search engines, having explainer videos on your site will work wonders. Explainer videos are important because they help your visitors to better understand your products and services without necessarily having to read the entire web page. These days, more and more entrepreneurs are finding the videos helpful in not only having the site rank well but also boosting sales. Here are the reasons to use animated explainer videos on your business website.

1.    They increase the conversion rate

Research has it that up to 85% of all buyers are more likely to purchase a product online if an explainer video accompanies it. They help a business owner to keep a tally of the number of visitors who could become customers. These videos also will keep track of the products that most customers are buying since they display views on every video.

2.    The website ranks high

A site might not be ranking well on different search engines for various reasons. For one, it may be stale or has many pages with block texts and images. A low ranking sites means it is not exposed and therefore, only a few people can find you. Sites that rank well inspire confidence among its clients and therefore make rooftop profits in the end. Having an explainer video on your site will not only help your website to rank high, but also the videos will get your visitors attention and help them decide whether to make a purchase.

3.    They grab your visitors’ attention

For many years entrepreneurs have brought interest to their products online by use of texts and nicely shot pictures. This has so far worked for them over the years. While this works wonders, they also have an adverse impact on your customers and the website itself.  Too many pictures end up confusing your customers and at the same time slow down the webpage load time. This will only see the customers leave the site and search for the same product and services elsewhere. To avoid this, take all your excellent ideas and put them in one explainer video. This will make your site to look tidy and at the same time provide material that is sure to engage your visitors.