Best Explainer Videos for Start-Ups

Best Explainer Videos for Start-Ups

Taking your business online is a wise move because there you will find a broader market. You probably know the power of a blog when you want to do business online. Having it is one thing, but you need to promote it using various marketing strategies. While many such as social media marketing and SEO have stood the tests of time, not many people have heard of explainer videos. These are also as good as all other marketing strategies and are considered even way better.

For those who have heard about them, they may still not know precisely how to select the most suitable type for their startups, given a high number of explainer video types for a startup.  However, here you will be brought up to speed with the best ones for a startup.

1.    Use Animated Explainer Video

Today, most startups are adapting animated videos for their blogs. They are both educating and entertaining, and the best ones for explaining your products and services. Besides being visually attractive, they also low cost and therefore suitable for starting businesses. One can choose between several subcategories of animation videos, e.g., the 2D, 2.5D, 3D and stop-motion animated explainer videos.

2.    Typographic Videos

These have visual words for displaying your eyes. The text gets presented over time to convey or evoke a specific idea. In the end, these are very compelling videos that inspire your viewers a strong message.

3.    Whiteboards

In these explainer videos, an illustration is drawn on the whiteboard to explain a particular idea. The animation style then shows a craftsman’s hand, drawing the plan that tells the story for the whole business idea. Though it is considered a bit old, this technique is perfect for many education industries since it is simple and making one is quite easy.

4.    Live Action Explainer Videos

Here is where real actors, location, and all filming equipment are included. The fact that such explainer videos are not animated, they may be costly than the animated types mentioned above. Though expensive, compared to the animated explainer videos, they are thought to be the best and also the quickest in promoting one’s products and services. The fact that they contain real actors and actresses in live action, the influence of these actors is responsible for influencing a broad target audience, thus high sales.

If the owner of the startup can factor in live action explainer video benefits and go for it, they will be able to realize higher traffic and more sales than using other types of videos.