How Will AR and VR Change the Way We Eat?

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Both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are set to change many aspects of our world including how we eat, entertain ourselves and even how we have intimate relationships.

VR and AR Technology

AR technology augments our real world with digital information such as a pop-u display. The video game Pokemon GO is an example of augmented reality. VR technology is where we replace our “real world” with a virtual one. For example, we can stand on a far-off planet using VR although we are never there in reality. We can swing a Star Wars lightsaber in battle even though lightsabers don’t exist. VR and AR are in many areas of our lives including sexually through VR sex videos. Websites such as and Badoink VR videos take advantage of these new technologies.

Food Experiences

VR and AR technology is playing a role in how we experience food. For example, there is a restaurant where guests can experience their food coming in from the kitchen, see data about the food nutrition and then have a VR experience on a beach eating the food. In the future, we may be able to put on VR goggles when we go out to eat as a part of the dining experience and view our food and then eat it in exotic locations. This technology changes the way we taste the food and even where we eat it as with VR we can take our dining experience to any location we want. Imagine going to a restaurant and eating your meal by the Statue of Liberty or under a waterfall by using VR technology.

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VR, AR, and Sex

You could imagine going to a restaurant in a VR sex video and having an exotic dinner with some beauty before you have sex with them. This may be possible in the near future as both AR and VR technology advances. Sites like Badoink VR Videos are offering a wide range of VR content videos. In the near future, they could be using even more advanced VR and AR technology to give an even better experience for the user.


VR and AR will change the way we eat in the near future. This technology is also making its way into other aspects of our lives such as entertainment and even the adult industry. In the future, you may be eating a meal with an exotic porn star in some far off location and then experiencing a night of wild sex with them simply by putting on a headset and transporting yourself to virtual reality playland on websites like VR Bangers.


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